The Aron Bender Podcast

Somy Ali: Survivor, Activist, Former Bollywood Actress

May 15th, 2021

Sexual violence.
Domestic violence.
Child abuse.
Harmful language and discrimination.

I understand if you may not be ready to listen right now but I'm here and this episode is here when you are ready.


Aron Bender talks with Somy Ali -- a sexual abuse, domestic violence and rape survivor, an activist, a former Bollywood actress, and the founder of No More Tears — an all-volunteer non-profit in South Florida that helps victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. We talk about how her abusive childhood was the catalyst behind No More Tears, the dream that led her to India and Bollywood, growing up in Pakistan and then North Miami, being bullied and discriminated against, and her obsession with Bon Jovi.

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