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Sarah Talbi: Armless Artist

May 21st, 2021

Aron Bender talks with Sarah Talbi -- who was born without arms. But a lot has changed the last few years for the 30-something living in Belgium. Sarah has become a mother, taken up painting, and built up quite a following on social media. We talk about lots of things she CAN do like take care of her daughter, cook, and everyday tasks like put on a bra. But it seems people put more limitations on her than she puts on herself. We discuss how instrumental her family was in normalizing her disability, what her almost 3-year-old says and asks about mommy's arms, her ONE frustration in life, and also one of the few things she's been unable to do by herself: travel. Sarah and I also talk about what it was like for her parents when they discovered they were having a baby with no arms, and for her when she learned she was pregnant.

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