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Julie Chang: TV Journalist, Activist, 940 Life Founder

May 7th, 2021

Aron Bender hangs out with Julie Chang, a TV journalist most recently with Fox 11 here in Los Angeles but she also spent a lot of time working in New York. She’s a wife, a mother of two adorable little ones, an activist, an actress, and a brain tumor survivor. She’s also the founder of 940 Life, which she explains in this quick conversation that we had to squeeze into an afternoon a few weeks ago is about the 940 weekends we have with our children from the time they're born to when they turn 18. Here's the trailer on her YouTube channel "940 with Julie Chang."

Julie and I talked about the crimes targeting the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, how she talks with (and learns from) her kids about racism, sliding into her now-husband's DMs, and how my late wife nudged her to say yes to coming on the podcast to begin with. Thank you for your time, Julie. Means the world!


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