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Destiny Malibu: Out of the Shadows

March 31st, 2021

Aron Bender first found Destiny Malibu on LinkedIn. As I started to reconnect with the world after my wife passed away LinkedIn was actually the first social media I spent any time on. And there she was: Destiny Malibu "Singer-Songwriter, Mental Health Advocate." It's the last part for me. That someone would so proudly put into their title they're a "mental health advocate." So I reached out and it’s been such a treat to learn more and follow her these last few months — and it’s cool that my girls can actually watch her videos and listen to her music. We talked about self-care and self-love, how her family got through the Borderline Bar & Grill Shooting and losing their house in the Woolsey Fire in 2018 -- just months after being on American Idol, her upbringing with a mom who had her own singing career, and how she deals with haters and trolls in her IG Live that she does every weeknight at 8. Yes, Destiny is from Malibu but for now she lives in Las Vegas.


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