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Andy Riesmeyer: KTLA 5 Live Co-Host, Producer, Musician

May 24th, 2021

Aron Bender chats with Andy Riesmeyer -- one of the hosts on the wildly successful KTLA 5 Live weekdays 4 to 6pm at and on the KTLA+ app with Samantha Cortese, Bobby Gonzalez and Robert Puente. We’ve been talking about doing a podcast for a couple years now and here it is. Finally! Andy moved out to LA to be a musician and ended up doing news on TV with the likes of Larry King, David Begnaud and Frank Buckley. But he’s still recording and posting music videos on Instagram. We cover the winding road that led him to Hollywood from Indiana. And that’s where he was when we talked in March. Andy was visiting family as his father was fighting pancreatic cancer. And sadly, since we recorded this conversation, Jeffrey Riesmeyer passed away. Andy and I discuss his time at KFI anchoring during (and our love for) The Tim Conway Jr Show and somehow we ended up talking about Mark Mester's jawline.

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